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This approach describes the process from a customer's initial contact with chainhouse to the stage of continuous growth and how chainhouse establishes its bond with the customer based on this approach.

Join House

The customer’s first step is to join the chainhouse ecosystem. In this phase, the initial communication with the customer is established, and their expectations and needs are listened to.

Brain House

In this stage, the customer’s needs are analyzed in depth. Business objectives, market dynamics, and potential opportunities are assessed during this phase.

Tune In House

Based on the customer’s business objectives, market dynamics, and potential opportunities, a strategy and action plan are formulated.

Dive In House

This is the phase where the strategy starts being implemented. All actions are mobilized in line with this plan.

Gain House

The successes obtained from the application are evaluated at this stage. It is determined how close the customer has come to their business goals and how much they have gained.


The continuity of the gains is ensured. The customer continues on their journey of constant growth.

Chain House

The customer makes their meaningful connections permanent and connects to the chainhouse ecosystem with a strong chain. Thus, they complete a link in the most potent step of their growth journey.

In The House

Once a customer steps “in the house,” they’re no longer just a client – they become an integral part of the chainhouse family.

Customer Journey

chainhouse’s approach mirrors client-centric, integrative, and results-driven service philosophy.

Our Products

With a keen insight into its clients’ needs, chainhouse seamlessly integrates two distinct offerings. Dijital Kovan addresses all agency-related necessities, while FromTurk serves as the prime conduit for export and sales solutions.

dijital kovan

Envisioned as an epitome of ‘Promote Your Value’, we provide distinguished agency services that elevate and resonate. As a beacon within the chainhouse constellation, dijital kovan is dedicated to crafting narratives and designs that not only speak but echo across the digital realm, ensuring brands thrive in their unique luminescence.


Embracing the ethos ‘Showcase of Turkiye’, fromturk is a marketplace bridging Turkish businesses selling goods and services abroad with international firms seeking offerings from Turkey. True to chainhouse’s philosophy, fromturk seamlessly connects suppliers with seekers.

Always remember: a brand is the most valuable piece of real estate in the world; a corner of someone's mind.

John Hegarty

We provide end-to-end consultancy, designing unique journeys for this experience and tourism agency.

We rebuilt the web design and brand dynamics, developing a new corporate concept.

For Göktekin, the owner of the most prestigious projects in Adana, we created special concept web projects.


We are building a 3rd generation hotel by offering end-to-end brand and management consultancy.